Why I Don't Drink Alcohol (The Social, Moral and Health Benefits of Not Drinking)

Ever since I gave up alcohol, I very rarely get sick, my sleep has improved drastically, my mental health is much more stable, I have MUCH more confidence in myself, I am more accepting of others, my social skills have improved in EVERY aspect, and I get "drunk" in much better ways.

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The Reason Why Tony Robbins Has SO MUCH ENERGY

Tony Robbins is a great guy. Hell, he's "OUTSTANDING". He's changed millions of people's lives and he changed mine. Using his confidence he has been able to influence so many people. 

During these seminars, there is massive amounts of energy. When I say massive, I really mean massive. UPW is 3.5 days from 8am to ~1-2am. And you are there the whole time with every little breaks. DWD is 6 days from 8am to 3am. During both you are screaming your face off, dancing, learning, and having a great time. 

So how is Tony able to stay energized and keep every going on such little sleep without breaks?

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The Basics of Our Thoughts

I never really considered what it was that I was thinking and how it effected me. I just thought that this is the "normal," when in fact, unfortunately, it is normal to most of the world. It wasn't until college where I was having psychological symptoms and all my gut/insomnia problems (that are described this blog), where I started to realize this suffering needed to stop.

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How To Easily Get Into The Present Moment

When It comes to skydiving from an airplane or running from a bull, there is no other way to stay alive than be forced into the present moment.

Now the reason why we feel so "alive" after doing something extraordinary, like climbing a mountain, is because we are no longer in our head. We stop thinking about the past and future and focus on what is going on in front of us. 

This is why shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, is so good for you. It allows you to step out of your head and live within the present space.

Getting out of the present moment can be bad if you remember that the past harbors depression and the future creates anxiety.

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