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How Does It Work?

With blood tests, this is typically how it goes:

  1. Order tests through True Health Labs (see FAQ with questions).
  2. They will send you the requisition form.
  3. Get blood drawn from Quest or LabCorp (whichever they provide).
  4. When you get your labs back, schedule a consult

Most Popular Tests

Here are the most popular tests:

The Problem with Modern Lab Ranges

When labs like Quest and LabCorp decide their ranges for healthy, they look at the average population and determine from there. This can include sickly and chronically inflamed people being grouped in with the "norm". 

This is a problem since most doctors compare patients to the "normal" ranges, and not what the average healthy person should be. 

One examples of this is with testosterone.

Most doctors believe that testosterone should decline with age, but this is wrong! R

Testosterone should stay in the upper half of a normal young adult range throughout your entire life, for both men and women. R R

Lower testosterone is just a sign of chronic inflammation and harmful environmental exposures (which we see accumulate over time) and commonly builds up as we age. R

That is why it is important to be well educated and knowledgable about the newest research on what healthy levels should be, as I do provide during my consults and help interpret the results accurately.