Be a lifetime learner in your pursuits.

You should regard your formal education as the floor for your knowledge, not the ceiling.

Hi I'm Jacob.

I’m on a mission, driven by immense passion, to help the greater good and serve those less fortunate. 

When I turned 19 and started college, I found myself struggling with many problems such as gut biome issues, food intolerances, chronic fatigue, circadian rhythm problems, brain fog, and much more.

After years of meeting several western doctors that had no idea what to do and modern medicine had failed me, I took action in my own health and sought an alternative approach to everything.

So, I started MyBioHack (formerly Living Healthy Everyday) to share the information that I learned in the most transparent way possible without dogma, so you can use it for your own empiricist benefits.

Stay beautiful!



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The Problem With Modern Healthcare and Science

Most doctors are overwhelmed by the epidemic of disease that has risen in the past millennia and this has led to cookie-cutter healthcare and treatment for patients.

They don't look for the root cause and really heal the person, but just treat the symptoms.

Also, insurance only covers a small percentage of what a person needs and limits a practitioner's scope of practice and time (that is one reason why I support private pay).

As of 2017, there are over 2 million papers being published each year and this number will continue to rise.

This is both good and bad, since there is work being done, but essentially it's information overload.

On top of that, most "scientific" papers are either funded by big drug companies/corporations or by corrupt government agencies,.

This leads to biased work, instead of well-executed and undoctored data.

For example, artificial sweetener industry sponsored reviews aremore likely to have favorable results than non-industry sponsored reviews. R

Luckily there are still people out there who want more than just money and support funding of new research and studies that are actually valid, reproducible, double-blind, and peer-reviewed by unselective qualified third parties.

Also, the whole system likes to play it safe by doing the same old boring experiments, securing career paths for scientists. 

Then with those results, they may "spin" it and sensationalize the same old stuff over again.

Charities are also a problem, as most of the big name charities will only use less than 5% to actually fund research, while the rest of the money gets into the pockets of the big executives, or to fund more advertisements/solicitation to continue this cycle.

When looking at pop-science, it can be hard to tell what is beneficial vs bad since there is most likely a financial interest involved.

For example, usually when one macro, nutrient, hormone, etc is made into a villain (i.e. saturated fat), we're probably only shown part of the full picture.

The Goal

This website is about self-healing, biohacking (DIY biology), epigenetics, nutrition, hormones, and more (without any dogma).

My goal is for everyone to become educated.

I wish for everyone to reach their indvidual maximum potential.

I believe if we live in a collaborative society where everyone is living at their best, then we can help mankind in so many ways.

This site, among other things, is a contribution of mine to help the world.

I follow many brilliant minds on PubMed, YouTube, Reddit, Longecity and other biohacking/life mastery forums, sites, etc.

I appreciate all that is available to me and I will bring what I've learned to you too. 

Some things may take some time to figure out as research and more studies develop, and with great minds alike, I believe we can tackle any subject or hardship.

As new research is released, the articles and blog posts will be updated, as needed (so everything here is a WIP). 

As of June 2017, this website has referenced over 6,000+ studies.

More About Me

In my free time, I:

I am also an ambivert. I love reading, going out to explore new things, taking risks, thinking in deep thought, hanging out with friends, and hanging out with just myself.

I'll start conversations with strangers if I want.

I am not shy.

If I have nothing to say, I won't say anything. 

For example, when I took this personality test, it showed I was xxTJ.

"It is not clear (“x”) whether you prefer an Introverted (I) or Extraverted (E) approach to life. It is not clear (“x”) whether your preferred mode of perception is Sensing (S) or Intuition (N). You make judgments primarily through Thinking (T). You typically show your Judging (J) side to the world."

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