Cerebrolysin, Epitalon, BPC-157, GHK-cu, LGD-4033, Ostarine, and MK-677

In this podcast, we will discuss nootropics, anti-aging, and healing/enhancement peptides.


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Quality Sources For Peptides

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Hey guys let's take it from living healthy every day and today we've got a cool podcast you know today we're going to be talking a little bit about nootropics anti-aging wound healing neuropeptidesgrowth hormone releasing hormones and a little bit about sarin and I've got Ryan Smith here with me thanks for being here Ryan.

He's a biochemist studied with peptides He's the vice president of teller made compound Inc and they make all their compounds in house or most their compounds and house and we're going to betalking a little about sourcing after so. Let's get started let's talk a little about liason and about like how that was found what where they come from. It's relatively I mean beyond me honestly we'vebeen using it for over seven or eight years now and one of the Basically you know a combination of nerve brain growth factors you know hope for survival neurons and things like that's especially goodchronic diseases have been studied Alzheimer is you know it's hard to do something to Parkinson's well so originally with this. Be just a drive from Brady material so just.

Ground it up and.

Purified some components that's what we have I guess more precise.

From Yes So that's the concern right so that's the reason everyone's transitioned. You know mad cow disease or big like that so we've now transitioned to synthetic component sort of isolating differentparts of it so I mean obviously you can talk and talk about this so you want. To interact with Yeah exactly and yes it seems you know obviously it's been said in a host of things as well but I don't see whyit's the news is really interesting because for me a special interest means I'm a who we were variant which presupposes that up. Yeah yeah. One really good study of the amount study about Miller adeficit or minus which is really really interesting so regard to function as well using beta amyloid plaque that. A lot of cool stuff but unfortunately the science mechanisms are a little bit. Still leadingscientists because it's not one can do about that many Yeah so it's so less than is good for Alzheimer's what about what other diseases are there yes so we have a right to resell this as apartments thedoctors around come to realize something can get in Parkinson's we have a lot of people that are using it just cognitive function I was going to be ready to patients who are using it for months now it'svery easy back back to Parkinson's what is it doing specifically Yes So it's essentially they think that it's promoting survival go to your aunt's not necessarily. I guess Parkinson's Once you have beenhelping her get it from happening. That's cool and then it's a nootropic like we said some people are taking it to enhance their cognitive function Yeah absolutely and so you know we formulated assort of of a pill that has worked in your intestine so it's interior. And that's where the most you know otherwise say that's injected Well yeah unfortunately it is most of this isn't done is in your muscularinjections we have a large volume so it's usually up to one you now done every day and you know he must rejections every day becomes very very difficult so finding another way that is pretty importantwas the blinds so wise and Terry cut it well if you're going to basically to preserve the stomach acid you know one of these went to his summer gas and they will hire wives and it's all especially so stableyou know the stomach acid. Yes whenever basically what happens with this is that the interrogator records environment it sort of strengthens the castle and then in more ways you can bargain intestinesit's a great release is the be.

OK so you could so would taking bile with it to help its absorption Oh yeah you know something yeah so again this is being tear gassed it was made in a way so it's true you know functions in aneveryday thing so mostly is just a problem we had you know going worry about let's talk about another nootropic that's also able to take orally and injected up B.P.C. one fifty seven but a protectivecompound Yeah obviously you know this one's getting sort of all the rage current way because going to does a little bit of everything a lot of people say well I guess the main indication that mayberesearch is not in.

Neutral or back to function. It's been more so or human functions and that's reason maybe because it has you know a sequence of resembles bone more proteins it resembles a college and so you toLOT of said this is those types of things but also it's been shown in a few studies not very many to help us with brain functioning brains as well yeah it also.

Genesis and prolific proliferation of new stem cells is what I saw in a mouse study Yeah I know.

It's maker exactions rebirth because it does a lot of work in the past one pathway you know Act And so it does a ton of things but I didn't see that so I actually had. A step so.

Yeah. It's quite complex how it works because it's doesn't actually work on one mechanism it's working on a whole bunch of mechanisms and get them all to essentially work together a lot oftranscription factors.

It's a pretty revolutionary compound if it's not a panacea.

Yeah absolutely and so. Most of this is the done Croatia right now you know with micro does singing and things like that should be about six micrograms per kilogram so you know you can use verylittle we do a lot of that mean we are going we don't want to injectables or didn't really commands and we do you quite a bit.

These you know he got those type of things well. So yeah I've noticed that my pet rabbits notice that when he's tried the c. Seven feels a lot better lot of his food intolerances kind.

The one just itching and you know I guess and yeah we have a lot of people who will take your.

Order of the ancillary benefit you know my guy just and some with my balance and so even people who can tolerate it is a way to gain some of it's healing the wounds inside the intestines Yeah yeahyeah Regionally I guess you know isolated from the gas.

Production program formations so in terms of interest Howard's things I guess so many natural action Yeah I wonder if it has an anti-aging properties to it. Yeah. I think a lot of people are using it assuch because it's a very College in particular so helpful I would skip it. There's even a mouse that it talks about.

And healing with you know diabetic we do so we have a lot of doctors deeply functional I guess and sort of meds balls really do a lot of facial resurfacing this compound because it reduces the humantime a lot of those procedures and half that's awesome.

Stuff yeah another one that's really good for looking and another one that's really good for looking good as Ga Ga copper.

Yeah. We do a lot of bed for us all the time of skin.

Cancer or you know extreme there's hundreds and hundreds and there are various we actually offer a lot.

Because it's been shown to be more effective in minoxidil five percent so it's better than any over the counter I guess hair product you could have. Hair growth increases you know false side number alot of as well so what if you're like you have a receding hairline with that help Yeah absolutely so it's working on just like Manassas your using a I guess the conversion of the.

A So you get a lot less and especially those who are familiar history of a baldness or heart and all this is we've got and we know this is a localized it is so we do it as a bone a lot of people will do it as asome i Pad home just really helps to disperse.

I ask you make the most of your money I guess yeah that's awesome.

Because I was wondering about lowering D.H. to you we don't want to do that everywhere yet exactly. What you put in your scalp.

Which a lot of people do in order group yeah

so another anti-aging is you got.

I don't often sense right at the Talon Yeah well I mean this is a rush we've got that's are people spell it and pronounced. Kind of like emacs has some X. or like it's got a K. S. And yeah exactly.

So pronounced against it or we usually hear the sounds but we usually OK cool. What's the mechanism there it's. Also very diverse in terms of anti-aging it is one of the I guess most encouragingpeptides because it has a fifteen year follow up study so it has I guess the main maker of actually working on the land basically and regulating levels of cortisol and all its own and so it's actually workson I guess regulating your Starcade rhythms after your cortisol peak when it's supposed to have you know its own peak helps with the. Inflammation it does a bunch of her things it's also been shown toactivate.

In a sematic so on and so long. To actually increase by thirty three percent a very very urgent study and all the data is usually done under one Ph D. in Russia is names captains how is that related to.Like similar wise to a cyclist and its ability to lengthen telomeres Yes So a struggle is one of the only other products more committed than simply going to go to.

I should say the products are pretty good it's a little bit complicated we need Dr Andrews who is one of the experts especially in community he has I guess some doubt in the Russian literature it meansthat a lot of the data looks a little bit too good to be true yeah.

We need a clinical trial on that see how. It works yeah exactly we're actually doing out partnering with wife way which is generally I guess people who consider it best test of you know here's a testinsurance you know here's we're actually doing is a small chemical product or cations.

Words to give you know sort of.

All those Russians excited for that when.

Oh we're sorry your recent way we've changed you said one of the best things that is products of fifteen year follow up in the fifty year boat is amazing reducing all cardiovascular bands reducingmortality doing a ton of bangs and that was only taken three weeks three years so very very minimal those and we're going to change that a little bit sort of exhilarate the time period but we shouldstart here be done within a year has it taken.

With most of the paradigms we see just take. You that's just because like we talked about earlier you know if you try to be morally where you can easily you have a lot of in zines because they predationSo we always are community care but also comes at a price consideration where you want to get the most bioavailability as little milligrams and you know and so he was always a recommendation so hesaid at the talent works on the circadian rhythm by a regular in the pineal gland Yes this is a certain time that you want to take it so it enhances the circadian rhythm yet nothing in the literature has beenin the market but anecdotally I can say to most people like you to the morning most people say they get better results they you know sleep better at night if they get a morning cool.

Yeah so that's that's pretty cool like anti-aging peptide right there it's amazing. You know it does a ton of eggs and that doesn't want to get it and I said it's OK rhythms but there's a ton of Russianliterature which I recommend everyone going green Yeah I just wish I did a Russian that.

Or got them all translated OK cool also take a look.

Also take a look at the literature and see well seconda. Yeah let's talk a little bit growth hormone releasing homines.

Yeah so we got G H R P six. Let's get into that.

Yes So I guess if you don't want starting off I'm going to differentiate between the two receptors which which helps you create your growth hormone nothing to do with air so if you only have your girlone who is one percent yours and your grown receptors each of them is sort of mediated by their back you're right so you have your grill and it makes the strongest of which is when you talk about theG H R and six.

It's been around for ages and sort of ice I guess Dr Brown It's a little bit shorter but also a little more potent has some side effects that come along with it so let's let's actually talk about grandma andfirst so how does grilling work in the body that we got Grail and leapt in and most people just know it as I need to eat and I need to stop eating.

Pretty good I mean you know yet obviously left and makes you I guess still just a baby and you're a girl in August and stimulates intense hunger so it's not a bad way to look at it but I'm sort of createdby it you gastric system so you have different cells which is I tell you a secret growth mongrels agree grown result just. As well it's also important now you have a lot of stuff to go all over the body.

Have but yes or so you know it's all about where to look at it but essentially I gastric acids creation is the first thing you've got increasing growth hormone what else is doing.

We're getting through a lot of these the getting on where you look a.

Lot of interest as well so we're different still stimulating transcription of genes. I guess. You can think of it is sort of going to burst hormones you're an insulin type response and that's and it's that sort ofhow you won't like it so.

There's an analog to it M K six seven seven a bit more and yet great but also what we're going to grow on is that. Unlike a lot of things we'll talk about with the growth hormone screen dogs that this isthe only one that is orally bioavailable and it's actually not have.

So you just take it orally and so I think the studies are twenty five milligrams to fifty milligrams prevent Yeah the twenty five milligrams he does is you get. Those you get a sort of not just a betterresponse or a plateau about so many grams is generally where you want to stay and most of what you're shown that with that to your products. While you get some increases in muscle mass and somepeople were bored of it you know their skin.

You don't necessarily lose fat mass.

So again it's mostly a lot of people who like it are trying to increase that muscle mass people were trying to wean out should we go get directions Yeah my rabbits tried it.

And was doing all of this intermittent fasting. And really didn't see any fat buildup at all.

It's interesting but yeah well this is one we don't typically do a lot of just because it's like a regular great concern so we were water rats well.

Yeah all right so we talked a little bit gratin let's get into releasing hormones.

So. Really the three that have been going around for a while it's all started with some more land which was not you know the late eighty's Artie.

Is sort of our own country in a lot of medical clinics. You know it it's OK it works but it's not nearly as good as some of these later generation so.

Twenty nine you know acids.

Where they did the second generation turned out to be. Ninety five or the Manzarek one twenty nine is sort of more.

Because one doesn't get.

A few more of you know acid substitutions but it's really it has a much greater chance of growth hormones creation and I once creation so you get much higher levels and it stays on the stimulates thatresponse group the longer.

It has and I should know with all of these usually taking them bed most of the big natural growth hormone secretion some people will do something in a yawn you know the day or the post workout orfasting fasting is also very important because insulin will reduce the growth hormone response sort of that we've talked about with.

The growing receptor it's important not to have insulin in your system when you take things so taking something like this would it increase your I D F one and so it's doing something like fasting thatincreases here receptors ability to. Pick up on these a little better for like insulin and so doing so taking something like let's hope i bit more and taking some like that wouldn't hance the receptorsavailability to or the peptides ability of I.G.F. one to attach that receptor Yes so will I do when you think about it is the answer how they interact with so mass that we're going to block that growth wewant to sponsor who it's one wall so ho block that truth matters that and so essentially you have.

The results you're functioning on that is going to be mitigated by some of your problems Matt said going to get less binding and was a result and all that leads you down to a pathway of less I.G.F. oneproduction so would taking something like.

Help with that. To be also not familiar with that. Is it's fun to use blocks of medicine yes melatonin That's why your growth hormone so high when you sleep a little makes sense. Cool and lots of theonly growth.

I guess problems talk about with moral and that's another. Phrase look at distribute but is by far the most powerful sort of close this form logical.

I guess drugs in dodginess growth when you listen hormone and that has been shown to you on average increase idea one hundred eighty one points reduces.

The levels reduces carotid intermediates reduce triglycerides reduces. You it does a ton of things if you.

And that's F.D.A. print it is that data group.

Most people are using it off label it also retails five thousand dollars a month so how.

It's pretty great so it works and it works really really well I guess making that. We are we're compound. Less expensive fries but you know it still gets pretty expensive and you close the growth hormoneprice so. So is it going to go.

So some people are trying to get large and they're taking selective engender scepter modulators.

What are the benefits of those let's start with the story and yes oh well I guess with the science of the class there are couple bit of good people typically points to the to do most important it doesn'tconvert estrogen. It doesn't.

Fit So you don't get you know things like going to mass the OR A lot of the estrogen symptoms that you get for instance during any anabolic steroids or doing.

The other thing would be that would you have it was like to lose your hair you're less likely to have you know prostate hyperplasia So if you were worried about that maybe again your history of prostatecancer are familiar history.

Can take that lead to some of these you know increase muscle mass symptoms with some of the songs so the Austrian is sort of one of the Oh it was arms. Been around for a while and all of us on thatall say orally.

Was Going To you can carry an injection so Austrian is one that's been around for a while. And again it's probably not the most potent the strongest but only works to help increase muscle mass it is alittle bit one selected for anabolic the wattles arms so you see not only an increase in and bought tissue but you also see the mental side effects that come along way.

Some people reporting these comments increase the beat as well as more effective in guys than women yes so we've been actually a direct study it it talks about facts and women but it definitely is abit more back to being.

It's also traditionally been using guys will be more often so you can get a little bit different data sets there.

We actually do it as a trying to recruit and the reason is for women they can actually one of the side effects we've seen of the trends or McCree. Bed. It has a skin tightening and so a lot of women use iton the back of their triceps or.

Or it just areas they once were so we did a lot of it's fascinating I've been seeing cream form before yes some of the studies are done been done.

And it's pretty good it's not use them as origin which is the difficulty getting started and yeah that's cool.

So another.

Thirty three.

Yeah no one is born with one of the most exciting for me it's only been around for a time but there's a really good study to Boston University that is sort of the hallmarks studies so these are. This Iactually did twenty one days just three weeks and most of the.

Most of the most encouraging research was that it decreased by that increased muscle mass by around two point one two point two pounds so you know very very encouraging in a short amount oftime yeah only it's still not ready for prime time and I tell everyone that you've got to be very careful about it because they all have some side effects what are the side effects whether that's hazardousand sense you could be.

Here with me or rule and here is that modulator you're going to have to worry about.

Which can do some damage to your liver and the other thing you will do to you see a reduction of your L.A. to have a stage so it's going to cause suppression of your exes like you would with any anytype steroids.

Begin to use it within two weeks of stopping it everywhere all the participants went back to normal so it was recovered pretty quickly it was some changes for instance you see a decrease in a cluster allan increase now Bill. And that refers after it it also Earthman to we all over it. At school I mean these all sound like miracles all these everything we've talked about.

And you know they've come up with a new song just about every day so I imagine you know this arms will be the testosterone replacement of each year but it is a way to go. Yeah instead of a straightup hormone replacement you just take a side of some sort.

And model it and yes the designers do a great and you know there's going to be more potent and straw. Her brother but a day as well so you know some people are the worst because they try topursue balance a little bit but I think good the ones I'm one of your like the Austrian and those who do you are doing where the end is the moment do you sources close to those disarms Yeah we dowe I should say we do it right now I don't know that we were doing much longer I will say about. You know let's actually talk about the importance of sourcing because there's so many websites outthere that you're either buying a fake something or you're buying something toxic. Very rarely very rarely because I don't know all that but you can't get you can't get hurt we want to make well.

Yeah absolutely and I guess that's sort of where we made our mark is one of the only producers and suppliers of this we're going to medical settings so we do a lot of our own H.P.L.C. mass spectesting to make sure everything is what we say it is but even if you don't buy must you get one what size we recommend or what we wouldn't and so again one of the services we offer is that you knowyou can see he doesn't want us they don't want to see is really scary big concerns of particularly anything that's not what encourages the risk of contamination so like you saw arms your Things likeyou're in case except instead and things that are a little bit higher risk where your pet dies you know what you're going to get it you're not going to get it or you're going to get some potency which isbetween you know forty to sixty percent which obviously is not great but I doubt it yeah I just worry about injecting some toxin to me I know you have stomach acid to protect you from some thingsyeah.

Yeah yeah yeah and then minutes of things that you have to make sure you know or you know because you know there's no protection. First Past. It's going to go straight into your bloodstream good orbad.

Everything you guys do it's by prescription right we require prescription from a doctor and yet and you know we have been getting the daisy mae Martin just so that you could you get me with a lot ofknowledge you know you sort of help right here to help keep your cool so I've got two more questions What's your say is the best for gaining muscle and then which is the best for longevity andlongevity is more of a speculation one because that's over a really long period of time yeah just like that oh yeah starting with longevity if you believe about Abdalla is absolutely the best product outthere I mean why is that the.

Mortality Vince the cardiovascular everybody's been decreasing as well as increasing the long rise which it also has a sort of anti-cancer benefit which is encouraging.

For sure going to the data can be delayed hopefully we'll have a little bit.

More idea about that in the coming months. But then I guess for adding muscle that was the book L.T.D. I think it's sort of part hard to compete against an example like properties but I had said theside effects make it probably less before one of the growth hormone secreted dogs or even greater with a saucer. Which ones is probably the safest growth hormone secreting. Yes Oh yeah Irecommend the combination of the Z J Z twenty five which is again one for my hero one twenty nine in addition to the moral and in the moral and is the best of those grown mimics just because it'smost like the I'm exactly not the strongest but it. Combines lot of me down as you get is a really good graph that talks about using both of these things together and they're very synergistic so you getfive thousand times increase in growing an idea when levels if you combine the prose Oh wow that's cool this is like there's a lot more factors where you're going batty that. Yeah well. It again you knowthis is something we don't really mean multi-day dosing a lot of people will just give you any with the various react and prod like we're writing which you know well you know where you know twentyminutes or less. You can sort of Piero hormone but we're committed to doing and once at night maintaining for bed exactly and just keeping with apples possible that's awesome. Well thank you andthis was awesome very informative and what's your website if people want to see more yeah you know fine is a ten minute compound in dot com And if any information is going to jump to us on it OKThey can contact you on their Yesler awesome thanks so much thanks guys for watching this was a neuropeptide podcast and if you like this video Click LIKE if you want to see more like this clickSubscribe and you can hit that little bell if you want to get notified when the next video is up so thanks guys for watching STATE beautiful.