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  • When this site uses words such as diagnosis, treat, cure, reverse, and etc, it is not meant as an actual treatment or diagnosis.
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  • The purpose of this website is for sharing information and this only.
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More About Consults:

  • When Jacob gives a consult, he gives his opinion, not medical advice.
  • Ideas discussed there are expected upon the client to bring up to their doctor.
  • Consults cannot be refunded as they take up physical time. 
  • Payment does not guarantee a consult and if Jacob decides the client and Jacob are not a good fit, he may cancel at his own discretion.
  • Last minute cancelations or missed calls does not include a refund & rescheduling may require an additional charge (please follow links for 60min rescheduling and 30min rescheduling).
  • During a consult your data may be used in mybiohack's tools and/or 3rd party tools in order to figure out information on your specific case.

References And Affiliates:

  • Although there are references provided for the statements on this site, please do your own research.
  • Also, this site uses affiliate links for some products, such as ones on Amazon.
  • This keeps the website alive on the server and helps this site keep producing articles and new content.
  • It costs you nothing extra and supports the website.

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