When this site use words like diagnosis, treat, cure, reverse, and etc, it is not meant as an actual treatment or diagnosis.

Only your doctor or licensed medical professional can do that.

The purpose of this website is for sharing information and this only.

The website is for information/entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a replacement for seeking help from a certified medical professional. 

Everything on this website are my opinions and/or information drawn from studies.

Nothing on this site has been evaluated by the FDA.

This site was made so you know the most advanced and newest technologies/strategies in science/medicine/healthcare etc.

When Jacob gives a consult, he gives his opinion, not medical advice.

Ideas discussed there are expected upon the client to bring up to their doctor.

Consults cannot be refunded as they take up physical time. 

Payment does not guarantee a consult and if Jacob decides the client and Jacob are not a good fit, he may cancel at his own discretion.

Although there are references provided for the statements on this site, please do your own research.

Also, this site usesaffiliate links for some products, such as ones on Amazon.

This keeps the website alive on the server and helps this site keep producing articles and new content.

It costs you nothing extra and supports the website.

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