The 8+ Benefits of Intranasal Insulin

Intranasal Insulin



This is your  brain .

This is your brain.


It is extremely safe. It has been tested on over 36 randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled human trials. 

Intranasal insulin is insulin sprayed up the nose. It can

  • improve mood
  • enhance memory
  • prevent inflammation
  • protect against neuronal oxidative stress
  • increase brain energy levels (by means of increasing ATP and phosophocreatine)

INI (intranasal insulin) is a form of insulin that is sprayed up the nose. The insulin then travels to receptors in the brain like in this picture (from the nasal cavity to the trigeminal and olfactory nerves into the brain). R

That guy's nose must burn like  hell .

That guy's nose must burn like hell.

We have insulin receptors that are located in the olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and cerebellum. R

The signaling of insulin creates new synapses, thus improving spatial memory. R

It has not shown to affect blood glucose levels. R 

This is because the nasal route of administration bypasses the BBB and will accept neuropeptides to the brain with minimal absorption into the bloodstream. R 

This may reduce any unsafe effects by avoiding systemic side effects. R

It prevents dopaminergic neuron loss. R

It decreases hippocampal neuroinflammation. R

It improves memory in young and healthy humans. R

It has been well tolerated for short-term use, without absorption enhancers, and no objective nasal adverse effects were detected. R


1. Regulates Metabolism

Enhanced  delivery , enhanced  efficacy .

Enhanced delivery, enhanced efficacy.


INI influences the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the central regulator for our metabolism. R

Insulin's control of the peripheral metabolism is crucial for the hypothalamic neurons. R

INI restores energy metabolism. R

This way the brain can influence the whole-body insulin sensitivity through the ANS. R

2. Promotes Brain Function


Daily insulin increased verbal memory and attention. R

In young and postmenopausal women, INI enhanced working memory. R

Rapid-acting insulin analog insulin aspart (ASP-I), along iwth INI improved word and list recall, better than only using insulin. R

INI improves brain function in bipolar patients. R

INI, in the short term, improved motor activities, brain function, and education levels in children. In the long term, it improved motor activities, nonverbal communication, brain function and autonomy. R

3. Reduces Caloric Intake


So you're not like this guy.


Brain insulin is linked to diabetes, obesity and brain changes. In these patients, insulin action is impaired and this can reduce inhibitory control, which leads to overeating. R

INI can increase insulin activity in the brain, which can stop obesity and overeating. R

Cortisol, along with insulin, regulate appetite. In this study INI in men affected blood flow to the brain and helped regulate eating behavior. R

INI can help regulate fat metabolism by suppressing free fatty acid levels, which this can help control the breakdown of fats. R

INI administration reduces body fat in normal-weight men. R

INI for 8 weeks led to decreased body weight, fat, waist circumference, and fat levels, although this effect did not apply to women. R

4. Improves Sense of Smell

There is a common link between insulin resistance and diabetes, obesity and decreased sense of smell. Intranasal insulin administration improves nose sensitivity and in this study helped patients correctly identify odors with impaired sense of smell. R

Be careful for what you wish for.

5. May Treat Diabetes


INI is being tested as a cure for type 1 diabetes patients. R R

INI moderates food intake and activity in the brain thus treat excess liver glucose production. R

Since diabetes can change brain funciton, INI administration can modify the connections between regions and help regulate memory and complex brain-behavior. R

INI impacts the whole-body insulin sensitivity and improve insulin sensitivity in lean patients. R

6. May Treat Alzheimer's


INI is currently being researched in Phase III trials as a CURE for Alzheimer's disease called the SNIFF trial. R

INI facilitates the verbal memory in AD patients. R

INI may stabilize, slow, or possibly reverse AD. R

INI may preserve brain metabolism in AD patients. R

INI improves cognition and modulates β-amyloid in early AD. R

4 months of INI improved brain functions of patients. Both men and women had improvements when taking 20IU, but only men benefited from 40IU. R



7. May Help with Tramatic Brain Injuries

This study suggests that INI may be neuroprotective in ischemic stroke. R

In a TBI rodent study, intranalasal insulin improved memory, increased cerebral glucose uptake and decreased neuroinflammation and hippocampal lesion volume in a traumatic brain injury model. R

8. Improves Mood

INI studies show that it improves mood, while increasing self-confidence. After the treatment, the subjects had reduced anger. It does this without affecting blood glucose or insulin levels. R

Supplies Needed

Mybiohack does not approve the use of any drugs - SEE DISCLAIMER

You can buy Novolin R over the counter without a prescription for ~$25 at Walmart

You can get the nasal spray on amazon.

Pliers are helpful to take off the top of the insulin bottle.

Why Novolin R and not others?

In this study it showed that rapid-acting insulin has better intranasal effects than regular insulin because INI goes to all brain regions. R

How to Make It

You can watch the video up above or you can read this text.

So you need to use the pliers to pull off the top of the Novolin R cap. Make sure not to crush the glass. Once you get that off, twist off the top to the nasal spray. Then pour the Novolin R into the nasal spray. 

Now you are one step away from shoving this thing up your nose and pulling the trigger.


Start off small, you don't want to overdo it. Use half a spray the first day. 

Human studies have shown that INI can go up to 160IU/day. (40IU 4x/day R or 160IU in a single dose R). 

BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! It's always best to go with the minimum effective dose. Each spray is about 0.1mL, which equals to about 10IU per spray.

With INI the best way to find the minimum effective does is this:

  1. st day - half a spray in the morning to test for any allergies or reactions.
  2. nd day - a full spray in the morning. If that went well then...
  3. rd day - one full spray in the morning after eating and another in the evening after eating.
  4. if you need more than that is up to you, just work your way up incrementally to find the minimum effective dose.

So technically if you wanted, you could do 160IU per day without any CRAZY side effects (that we know of yet), but it's probably best to stay low until the SNIFF trial results come out. R

How long can you do this?

I think it's probably best to cycle. So far the longest trial of INI in humans has been 4 months. R

The SNIFF trial (for AD patients) is testing the long term effects. This is 1-1.5 years, but those results won't be released until 2017. R


In these 3 studies it had been stored ~4 to 5°C. R R R That's 39-41°F. 

Side Effects

For me, all I had was a slight burning sensation when spraying that diminished quickly. 

Others have reported dizziness, increased blood pressure, mild rhinitis (hay fever) and nose bleeding. R R R


“No treatment-related severe adverse events occurred during the study, and most adverse events were minor, such as dizziness or mild rhinitis. There were no episodes of hypoglycemia.” R

“Intranasal insulin was well tolerated; no subject exhibited hypoglycemia or other safety concerns.” R

“Short-term use of intranasal insulin without absorption enhancers was predominantly well tolerated, the risk of hypoglycaemia was minimal and no objective nasal adverse effects were detected.” R

Taking INI after breakfast or after dinner is important "In these patients the intranasal insulin was more effective than the subcutaneous insulin in preventing hyperglycaemia after breakfast." R

Insulin Resistance

One theoretical concern about intranasal insulin is that chronic hyperinsulinemic conditions in the brain may actually promote brain insulin resistance. R

How Long Are The Effects?

As you can see in this chart Novolin R (Regular), when taken intravenously peaks at around 2 hours and diminishes over 8-9 hours. 

As you can see in this chart Novolin R (Regular), when taken intravenously peaks at around 2 hours and diminishes over 8-9 hours. 


For me, I get tired first and then more awake (after about an hour). I would use this as a rough estimate since INI is not intravenously taken.

More Research

  • Chronic I-insulin treatment has stronger effects than acute treatment. R
  • There is an increases delivery of NMDA receptors to the cell membrane. R
  • INI affects HRV  by increasing HF band/parasympathetic activity indicating that vagus nerve is involved). R
  • 20 IU of insulin improved delayed memory. Doses of 20 and 40 IU preserved caregiver-rated functional ability. R
  • In this study, the INI treated group retained more verbal information after a delay compared with the placebo-assigned group. INI treated subjects also showed improved attention and functional status. R
  • INI raised diastolic mean arterial BP and systolic BP (in comparison to the placebo group), whereas MSNA and heart rate were not affected. R
  • In INI treated men, they lost 1.28 kg body weight and 1.38 kg of fat. Also their waist circumference was reduced by 1.63 cm. Their plasma leptin levels had dropped by an average of 27%. R
  • The Benefits of Intranasal Insulin and How to Make It Legally at Home Without a Prescription R