Sub-Zero: Icing Your Testicles For Increased Male Performance

Using Cold On Your Balls (Possibly NSFW)

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It's my birthday, so I think I'll talk about a ballsy, unorthodox biohack that I've been doing.


  1. Basics
  2. How To Do It
  3. My Experience
  4. Possible Mechanisms
  5. Caveats


...essentially what this blog is like sometimes.

...essentially what this blog is like sometimes.


Last year I spilled some hot food on my crotch area (everything down there is safe).

During the "healing" process, I used an ice pack in the area and discovered that cooling the man region actually made changes to my overall body.

It is essential for male reproduction to keep the testicles cold, but it has many benefits for overall male health (I will have a post on cold thermogenesis in the future).

Showering in cold seems to have a different effect, as this biohack is location specifically 😉

How To Do It

If you're sitting down:

Simply use an Ice Pack or Gel Pack separated by a Cloth on the "crotch area".

Don't hold it there for too long and give yourself breaks (if you do it too long you may cause damage).

If you're on the go:

Check out the Snowballs Cooling Underwear For Men.

My Experience

When I do this, I notice a sharp increase in libido and significant nootropic-like effects on cognitive performance.

I also like to do this in the Sun and allow the natural infrared to touch my junk (if you incorporate this, make sure they do not get too hot as that can be potentially damaging).

Possible Mechanisms

Cold thermogenesis has shown to increase testosterone and Dopamine levels, so this could be one mechanism for it.


Don't over-do it.

I don't know how this effects those without testicles.

Don't be a dick.