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 Hi, I'm Jacob!

Hi, I'm Jacob!


If three years ago,

I read what I am typing to you now, I can assure you, I would have no clue what I was talking about. I know it is cliché, but I am going to go back six years ago, when I was starting my undergraduate studies. Let’s begin.

I had always been the unmotivated and lazy type. I was shy and at most times too afraid of what people thought of me. I was consistently in a massive “brain fog”, since now looking back, trivial ideas and concepts would fly over my head.

When I started my undergraduate studies at Emerson College, I was excited to be in the film industry and what I did not know was that my life would take a quick turn. Being a kid from Florida, I had no expectation of what a real winter would be like. Six months of snow was enough to send my entire biological system into a malfunctioning machine. I suffered from all sorts of gut issues, insomnia, and not to mention, mental health disorders. Who would have thought this would last my whole college career? Due to my location in Boston, I was able to meet with top doctors, graduates from Ivy League schools, who were practicing at the best hospitals in the world. After years of torment and endless appointments, all I was able to obtain were prescriptions for pills to shut me up and consults with different psychologists.

When I graduated, I headed off to Los Angeles to be a big movie producer. By this time, my health issues had me feeling depressed, which I adamantly denied. After some time in Los Angeles, the sleepless, trance-like, euphoric nights eventually put me over the edge, and I knew something had to happen soon or it would be the end of me.

I decided to take my health into my own hands. I was going to get to the root of my problems and nothing and no one was going to stand in my way. When doctors were not able to help me, I turned to science to give me the cold hard facts. I spent months learning the genetic, hormonal, and biomolecular pathways relating to my problems. I delved into my genes, supplementing for the predispositions that had clearly been switched on. I mapped out my microbiome consistently from month to month, seeing how probiotics would change it, and I started to eat for energy, not for recreation.

To be even more specific, these are my finding and personal effective treatments. I fixed the dysbiosis which was happening in my gut, which was producing excessively high amounts of histamine, thus fixing my gut issues and insomnia. Excess ammonia continually gave me brain fog, for which I contacted third-party labs to synthesize tetrahydrobiopterin (which had been claimed by BioMarin only being prescribed for PKU patients) to supplement and remove the excess ammonia, improve catecholamine production, and support a faulty methylation problem. I activated pathways to correct faulty dopamine receptors, lowering the hyperactivation of my vagus nerve, and changing my “unmotivated/lazy” self into a highly motivated and persuasive individual. I removed inflammatory, immune-stimulating foods that caused excess degranulation of mast cells, thus helping remove my depressed feelings and consistent anxiety/shyness. Finally, I increased neurotrophic factors in my body to go past my baseline/understand higher level thinking and am continually improving my symptoms of CIRS. Now I live >95% symptom free.

Everything I learned was by n=1 self experimentation, all supported by the hard facts science offers. I took everything I learned and more and put it into a website to empower others, allowing them to have the information I was deprived of by the many professionals I had seen over my health crisis.

Today, in my current job, I work with high profile clients around the globe, who have been demoralized or rejected by the “standard” of medical care, and help them recover from chronic illness. I also consult for medical device companies, health-care programs, and clinics in advancing their practice to a higher level of care.

I created this website to help others get their life back to normal and help them achieve their maximum potential.

Stay beautiful!


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  • Board Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Research Director for Premier Therapy Solutions
  • Board Member of The Gift Of Gait Foundation
  • BA in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College

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