The 5+ Benefits Of KB220, KB220Z, and Neuroadaptagen Amino-Acid Therapy

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KB220/KB220z: A Potent Dopamine Neuronutrient

There are many ways to improve dopamine levels in the brain - dopamine-enhancing diets, hyper-oxygenation, toxic heavy metal detoxification, exercise, meditation, yoga, but most notably, balancing brain neurotransmitters utilizing nutraceuticals aka "neuronutrients". R

KB220z (aka KB220 and formerly known as LG9939, Recomposize, Genotrim) is a "neuronutrient" that acts on optimizing glutamate, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins in the brain. R


  1. Basics
  2. Benefits
  3. My Experience
  4. Where To Get KB220/KB220z
  5. Dosage
  6. Caveats
  7. Mechanism Of Action
  8. More Research


KB220z is a Neuroadaptagen Amino-Acid Therapy (NAAT) complex composed of precursor amino acids and other ingredients that support neurotransmission: R

In clinical studies, KB220z (KB220) has shown to be improve addictions, weight management, dopamine sensitivity and function, focus, concentration, cognition, energy, stress relief, mood, well-being, and vitality. R



1. Regulates Neurotransmitter Levels


Low dopamine/dopamine deficiency (hypodopaminergia) has been associated with many conditions including: R

  • Aging, stress, and sadness
  • Excessive cravings
  • Impaired exercise and decreased physical performance
  • Poor relationships and lack of well-being
  • Reduced cognition, decision making, energy, and memory 

KB220z helps with dopamine deficiency by improving dopamine synthesis and levels in the brain. R R

This may be useful for those with DRD2, COMT, MTHFR5-HT2A, and PPARG2 mutations. R R

2. Helps With Overeating And Weight Loss

KB220z can help with compulsive eating and weight loss. R R

For example, in a study with 27 outpatients attending a supervised diet-controlled treatment program, NAAT users had an average weight loss was 26.96 lbs vs. 10.2 lbs in the control group. R

In another 2 year study with 247 patients, the NAAT group compared to the control lost twice as much weight and regained 14.7% of the weight, while the control group regained 41.7%. R

3. Improves Attention, Motivation, And Wellbeing

KB220z may help with attention problems. R R R R R

For example, in a case study KB220z was able to improve Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms (such as increased working memory and reducing reaction times) by increasing theta activity and decreasing alpha activity in the brain . R

In another case study, KB220z taken chronically was able to greatly: R

  • Enhance sleep
  • Improve focus, mood, smell, and vision
  • Improve sociability
  • Increase calmness, energy, and motivation

Also, in a third case study, KB220z helped a patient coming off anti-depressants feel significantly better (specifically increased energy, a decreased cravings, and a better overall mood). R 

4. Helps With Addiction And Withdrawal


Problems with brain-reward mechanisms are implicated in many conditions:

  • Psychiatric disorders (ie substance-use disorders, affective disorders, eating disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders) R
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (ie schizophrenia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette's syndrome, conduct disorder/oppositional defiant disorder) R
  • Genetic syndromes (ie Fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Williams syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and Rett syndrome) R

By balancing serotoninglutamate, dopamine, and endorphins in the brain, KB220z can promote a balance across the brain-reward circuitry. R R R

    KB220z may help with these addictions/withdrawals:

    • Alcohol R
    • Amphetamines and Methamphetamines (and other stimulants) R R
    • Antidepressants R
    • Cannabis R
    • Cocaine R
    • Heroine (and other opiates like Oxycodone, Naloxone, etc) R R R
    • Nicotine R
    • Unwanted activities (such as gambling, self-mutilation, sexual addiction, and drug/food abuse) R R R R

    In multiple studies, KB220z therapy (IV treatments and/or oral delivery) very effectively helps prevent relapse after addiction treatment. R R R R

    This is because dopamine release can decrease the negative feelings and satisfy abnormal cravings for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, nicotine, etc. R

    5. Helps With PTSD and Reduces Nightmares

    KB220z may help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). R

    KB220z may also help with sleep and nightmares. R R R

    For example, multiple studies have shown KB220z was able to ameliorate long-term, terrifying, and lucid dreams, while increasing happy and joyful dreams. R R R

    My Experience

    I've tried SynaptaLean Rx with great results in improving my mood and focus. 

    The effects were not instant (such as taking pure Tyrosine) and took over a week to feel the effects.  

    Where To Get KB220/KB220z


    I use SynaptaLean Rx since it's significantly cheaper and has the same effects and ingredients. 

    SynaptaGenX is the patented version of KB220z (KB220).


    KB220z can be taken orally or intravenously. R

    Intravenous + oral administration is more effective than oral alone. R

    The half-life of amino-acids is approximately four hours so daily dosage requirements of KB220 is in equal divided doses usually morning and night without food. R

    In those taking KB220 to reduces nightmares, "after one month’s use of KB220Z, 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening, the frequency of his unpleasant dreams had decreased from nightly to two-three times a week." R


    Most of the ingredients in KB220 are Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS). R

    KB220 (and dopamine agonists) may work better for those who are carriers of the DRD2 (Taq1) A1 allele, as they seem to require dopaminergic agonistic intervention. R R

    Mechanism Of Action


    • Increases Dopamine R
    • Increases GABA R
    • Increases Opioids R
    • Increases TAAR-1 R
    • Increases 5-HT R
    • Reduces COMT R
    • Reduces Enkephalinase R
    • Reduces MAO R


    • KB200z increases blood-oxygen-level dependent (BOLD) activation in the caudate-accumbens-dopaminergic pathways and reduces resting state activity in the putamen of abstinent heroin addicts. R
    • 5-HTP helps synthesize serotonin in the hypothalamus. R
    • Chromium boosts serotonin synthesis (acting on insulin receptors increasing insulin receptor sensitivity), which changes tryptophan metabolism in the liver - increases brain tryptophan by 33%. R R
    • L-phenylalanine (precursor to dopamine) increases dopamine at the Ventral–Tegmental Area (VTA) by 20%.
    • L-glutamate is converted to GABA at the substania nigra. R
    • D-phenylalanine (by inhibiting enkephalinase) prevents the catabolism of methionine-enkephalin (MENTENK) and other endorphins - this enhances the activity of peptidyl opiates in the hypothalamus. R
    • NAC (balances the glutaminergic pathway) - increases glutaminergic system at the VTA (balances glutaminergic pathway) to release dopamine at the Nucleus Accumbens (NAc). R
    • Pyridoxine is an enzyme catalyst. R
    • Rhodiola inhibits Catecholamine–Methyl-Transferase (COMT) - enhancing the release of dopamine into the synapse to combine with the post dopamine D2 receptor; rhodiola also inhibits mitochondrial MAO-A allowing dopamine to be transferred to the vesicles of presynaptic neurons (D1–D9) for higher dopamine quanta release. R R R
    • Arabinogalactans, N-acetylglucosamine, Astragalus, Aloe vera, Frankincense resin, White pine bark extract are immune boosters that have anti-cytokine properties (regulates stress hormones). R
    • Passion Flower stimulates the benzodiazepine receptor - there is a reduction in anxiety due to stress from detoxificationR

    More Research

    • In rats KB220z triggers the left nucleus accumbens, cingulate gyrus, anterior thalamic nuclei, hippocampus, pre-limbicandinfra-limbic loci. R