My Travel Stack: How to Avoid Getting Sick and Maintain Energy

Travel Stack

I like to travel with as little as possible. Since most of my work can be done via phone (mini supercomputer), I am able to travel lightly.

I use this stack to keep my gut happy and regulate my circadian rhythm when I'm on the go.




Glutenease (DPPIV) is pretty unique because it helps me break down gluten from cross-contamination. Supplementation DPPIV enables detoxification of moderate amounts of gluten in the presence of excess casein and gluten. R

I'll take 1 with a meal when eating out.


I use turmeric (curcumin) as a last resort as it calms down my stomach. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. R

I use turmeric because it helps with mast cell regulation. R

I'll take 1-3 as needed after a meal.


DAO is needed to break down histamine in foods. R

DAO also helps with digestion. R

I'll take 1-3 during a meal, if it's high in histamine.

Wake and Sleep



L-theanine helps me sleep at night and helps me stay alert during the day. R R

I'll take up to 1g of L-theanine separated throughout the day on an empty stomach. 

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium is hard to get in a traveler's diet, so I like to supplement it. Magnesium helps me relax before bed. R 

Glycine improves the quality of sleep. R

I'll take 200-600mg,


I'll take Optizinc to help me sleep. R 

Zinc also helps with immunity. R

Before bed, I will take half of one on an empty stomach. I will open up the capsule and pour half out, so I do not take more than 30mg. Over 30mg/day of zinc has shown to possibly overexcite the hippocampus in rats. R


If I am traveling to a different time zone, I will use melatonin to help reset my circadian rhythm as it helps with jet-lag. R

150-300mcg of melatonin 15-20min before bed.