The Benefits Of Synapsin (Intranasal Nicotinamide Riboside)

My Experience With Intranasal Synapsin


What Is Synapsin?

Synapsin is a compounded pharmaceutical nasal spray being used for increasing neuronal function in neurocognitive disorders.

Ingredients Of Synapsin

The Ingredients:

  • Nicotinamide Riboside (form of B3)
    • Naturally found in cows milk R
    • Neuroprotective effects (esp. in those w low tryptophan levels) R
    • Increased neuronal NAD+ pools, thus decrease axonal degeneration (esp after TBI or chronic neuroinflammation) and improve glucose utilization R R R
    • Regulation of sirtuin expression, which controls metabolism/longevity R R
    • Improves mitochondrial metabolism R
    • Technical: ↑NAD+, ↑NRK, ↑NAM R
  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)
    • Lowers homocysteine (problem in AD and Vascular Dementia) R
    • Decreases somatic and autonomic symptoms of diabetic neuropathy R R
  • Rg3 - 90% Isolated from Panax Ginseng
    • Neuroprotective, reduces neuroinflammation/microglia activation, improves stress R R R
    • Technical: ↓COX2, ↓iNOS, ↓TNF-alpha, ↓IL-1b R

Benefits Of Synapsin

The point of synapsin is to get these benefits into the brain by easily passing the blood-brain barrier with an intransasal spray.

Thus, synapsin may help regulate NAD+ levels in the brain, something that declines with age and most chronic neuroinflammatory diseases.

NAD+ is important for many cellular processes, including sirtuin regulation, mitochondrial function.

Synapsin is also designed to reduce microglial activation (thus reduce brain fog) and lower high brain homocysteine levels (although I am not a carrier for the risk alleles in MTHFR). R R R

How To Take Synapsin

According to the label, you can take 1-2 nasal sprays per nostril 3-4x per day.

My Experience With Synapsin


The time I took synapsin, I messed up the spray and had red medicine running out of my nose.

The next day I did it correctly...and HOLY SYNAPSIN! - this thing is a nootropic for sure:

  • Increased focus
  • Increased motivation
  • Decreased distractibility
  • Boosted cognition

Upon continuous usage days succeeding, I had noticed it quenches any brain fog and keeps me hyper-focused.

The only downsides I used were it can be too stimulating in the evenings and keep me up, it made me feel sometimes slightly feverish (especially when combined with other B-vitamins), and lastly sprayed incorrectly gives my throat irritation. 

Synapsin pairs well with my Bright Light Device, but can be too stimulating when used with too much caffeine or nicotine.

Dose/Concentrations Of Synapsin

Intranasal Spray (1 spray = 0.1 ml)

  • Rg3 - 2 mg/ml
  • Nicotinamide riboside - 50 mg/ml
  • Methylcobalamin - 2 mg/ml


I noticed that with the increased energy, I could not pair it too well with strong stimulants (like coffee or too much chocolate) as I would develop some mild anxiety after. 

Is Synapsin Safe?

There is no known toxicity or side effects from taking ingredients found in sublingual Rg3/Nicotinamide riboside/Methylcobalamin.

Synapsin is available by compounded prescription only.