137+ Ways to Create Happiness and Personal Growth With Just Your Mind

#101 Is My Favorite


This is a (long) list that I've learned and use to help myself and clients achieve personal happiness. Feel free to apply these as well!

These things are a bit tricky to find science behind, so a lot if this is writing from experience.

There is no particular order to any of these.

1. Remind yourself of what really matters.

  • I realized some things don't actually matter:
    • Making a mistake
    • The items on my wish list
    • Things not going the way you planned them out to be
    • Winning
  • What really matters to me are:
    • Love
    • Family
    • Friends
    • The fact that I am living, breathing, existing, experiencing life right now

For example, take a moment now to breathe and be thankful you are alive.

2. Have Discipline

If I chose to do something, commit to it.

3. Have Purpose

Having a sense of purpose gives me a meaning to life and keeps me going and happy.

4. Be Bold in What You Do

When I do something, I do it with the fullest of my actions and the fullest of my heart. I don't half-ass things.

5. Let Go of Negativity

It is easy to get caught up in something that is bad, but energy flows in the way we perceive things. If we get caught up in negative thoughts and people, then your world reflects that. If you chose to focus on the positive and let go of negativity, everything gets better. You really have to practice this and believe it to work.

6. Read and Engage with Positive People

7. Cut Out People Who Do Not Empower You

8. Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard

9. Be Present

10.  Stop Sabotaging Yourself

11. Talk and Behave like the Person You Want To Be

12. Work on Progress to Your Goals Every Day

13. Start Your Day with a Question

14. Stop Feeling Limited and Feel Abundant

15. Get Off Social Media

16. Keep A Journal

I keep one for abundance, one for magic moments, one for new thing's I've learned, a food journal, and a daily journal.

17. Express Gratitude

18. Show Kindness

19. Have Passion

20. Fall in Love (with someone or something)

21. Try Something New Every Day

22. Stop Focusing Only on Yourself

I like to focus on and ask myself "how can I help and add value to others' lives?"

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Help Others

23. Stop Worrying About Material Items

24. Stop Caring About What People Think of You

If it is hard to get out of your head, then focus on only things that you can perceive. Stop trying to guess what others are thinking. Look at the world through your own eyes only and not thinking about how others might feel or see.

25. Get Out into the Sun

26. Get Out into Nature

27. Smile More (and Upon Waking Up)

28. Change Your Vocabulary

What if you didn't have the words love or happiness? How could you ever truly feel in love or happy? Well let's do the same thing for negative words. Write down a list of things that disempower you and replace them with empowering words. 

29. Travel

30. Study More

31. Seek to Understand

If you seek to understand someone else first, and then be understood, you gain great insight on how others work. This requires empathy.

32. Leave Your Comfort Zone

33. Take Your Time Seriously

When you take your time seriously, others will start to take your time seriously too.

34. Embrace Failure

Failure is just another step towards success.

35. Be Pulled Towards Your Goals, Not Pushed

36. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

37. Motivate Others

38. Celebrate Yourself More

39. Think with Your Heart and Balls (or uterus) 

40. Be Humble

41. Remove Excess Information From Your Diet (limit your mental input)

42. Laugh More

43. Exercise

44. Do Yoga

45. Leave Your Phone at Home (or just turn it off)

Treat your mobile phone as a landline

46. Bless Your Food

47. Chew Every Bite

48. Believe In Yourself

49. Believe in Something

I like to believe there is something out there helping and challenging me. There is something out there that is only there to empower me and doing life for me.


50. Change "To" to "For"

When something would go wrong, I used to always complain, "why is this happening to me?" This always implied that I was being punished. Changing "to" to "for" has empowered me, and now when something doesn't go my way, I'll ask "why is this happening for me?" This means that there is a reason as to why something has happened.

51. Change Disempowering Meanings

When something doesn't go your way, make sure the meaning of it, doesn't disempower you, and instead empowers you. For example, when I broke up with one of my exes, I made sure not to let it disempower me. I said this is happening because I am now allowed to experience self-growth (as opposed to partner-growth).

52. Apply the 2 minutes rule

If something needs 2 minutes of your time, just do it. Dishes after food, bedding in morning are best examples. I feel less cluttered.

53. Believe Everything Happens for a Reason

54. Apply the 90 Second Rule

When something bad happens, you are only allowed to suffer for 90 seconds.

55. Change Your Expectations to Appreciations

56. Have 1 Day per Month Where You Don't Use Electronics

57. Sleep Under the Stars

58. Surround Yourself with People You Respect and that Challenge You

You become the 5 people you hang out with the most.

59. Create new habits

By doing one small part of a habit each day, you can build stubborn and effective habits in weeks. 

For example, you can have amazing energy when you walk in a room.

Step one of the habit would be when you see a door, you put a smile on your face. Step two would be when you touch the doorknob/handle you feel energized. Step three would be upon opening that door and walking in the room you smile at everyone and ask them how they are. Step four would be if they ask how you are, reply with "I am awesome!" and use hand gestures.

If you add on each step every day you can build strong habits.

60. Cut Out Masterbation and Porn

61. Don't Make Promises that you cant keep (that aren't)

62. Strive for Your Best, Not Perfection

63. Show (more) Emotion

64. Stop Drinking

Alcohol is a toxin. It also doesn't allow for self growth.

For example with socializing, if you were learning how to play basketball the first time, would you get tipsy and then try to play? Probably not, since the learning curve would be so difficult. I apply this to socializing too. I used to drink to calm my inhibitions. This didn't allow room for me to grow or to learn from mistakes. Socializing is a skill and just like basketball, you can't get drunk to improve your long-term social skills. 

65. Socialize without Inhibition

66. Remove Self Doubt

67. Make Decisions Early in the Day

68. Be Yourself and Be Open (No Filter)

69. Get Real with People

I refrain from small talk. I love passionate conversations.

70. Follow your gut (biome)

71. Replace "Can't" with "Must"

If you can't, then you must.

72. Breathe More

73. Stop Watching the News

74. Check Emails Once a Day

75. Stop Trying to Make Others Happy

76. Read 1 Book a Week

The best way to learn from the smartest people in the world is to read their life stories and books they have written.

77. Stop Treating Weekends like Mini Vacations

78. Have Faith

79. Stop Using a Smartphone

And switch to a phone that only does calls.

80. Say YES! or NO!

Essentially don't get stuck saying one way all the time. If you actually choose then this allows better opportunities happen in your life.

81. Get Coaching

82. Keep Realistic Expectations

83. Be Specific in What You Want

84. Learn You Can't Control Others

85. Stop Seeking Approval

86. Change Your Job to Your Mission

87. Identify Your Gift to the World

Gifts are meant to be given. What is yours?

88. Attend Seminars

89. Say "I Love You"

90. Say "Thank You"

91. Say "Please Forgive Me"

92. Quit Smoking

93. Drink More Water

94. Eat Well

95. Sleep More

96. Meet New People

97. Be More Charismatic

98. Stay Engaged, but Remain Unattached

99. Have an Empowering Morning Routine

I make sure to use affirmations and incantations to achieve this, along with priming, lymphatic breathing, exercise and hydrating.


100. Affirmations

My favorite affirmation is "everyday, in every way, I grow better and better".

101. Incantations

Incantations are different from affirmations, since they use body language to attach the words you are saying to your body.

For example, if you were to say "I am a badass", you would do this while jumping up in the air and slapping your butt.

This is awesome because it creates a connection between both your body and mind, which really enforces that mindset into your body.

102. Have More Breakthrough Moments

103. Accept Your Flaws (and see them as character)

104. Stop Taking Offense

105. Realize Everyone is Different

106. Declutter Your Space

107. Ignore Ignorance

108. Don't Classify as an Introvert or Extrovert

I notice when I'm seeing outside knowledge I become extremely extroverted, but when I'm seeking self growth, I become extremely introverted. I feel there is no reason to have to "classify" as either or.

109. Walk More

110. Bike To Shops

I like to longboard.

111. Reads the first chapter, last chapter and first and last paragraph of each chapter of a book each day.

112. Don't Conform

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. 

113. Be Mindful

114. Practice Balance

115. Live Every Day as If It's Your Last

116. Don't Hold Grudges

117. Kill Your Ego

What's the BFD?

118. Realize You are on Rock in Space Spinning at 1000's of mph

119. Read Self-Help Books

120. Ask The Right Questions

121. Get Deep But Stay Simple

Small chat can be done when I'm dead. Real conversations are worth it and are less awkward. A good question to ask someone is "what were you like when you were 4?".

122. Stop Grading Others  

123. Learn another language

124. Learn a musical instrument

125. Give Out Hugs

Did you know that the more hugs your give, the higher your oxytocin levels get? Oxytocin is the hormone that helps social bonding and feeling of comfort.

126. Give more high fives (or fist bumps

127. Show affection in relationships and don't hold back

128. Embrace your sexuality

129. Spend more time with family

130. Stand up for yourself  

131. Work less and play more

132. Finish unfinished projects

133. Don't follow cultural expectations (be a hipster)

134. Write love notes (to your loved ones, your friends, and most importantly yourself)

135. Get a cute animal (or play with one)

I've had 3 bunnies: Noonin, Twitch, and Marlow, aka "Hey", "Shitter", and "Stop".

Now my mother has a dog (Brock), so that's where I get my cuteness from. You can also check out r/aww, r/cats, r/dogsr/animalsbeingbros or r/rabbits.

136. Laugh at yourself

Don't take yourself so seriously. An easy way to do this is to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh.

137. Sing

Singing is a great way to feel happy, especially belting out to your fullest. You can do this in the shower, but I do this wherever I feel is applicable.


That's it, but the list will keep growing as I learn new things and find new ways to get happy.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments and stay beautiful!