Why Do I Get Body Buzzing And/Or Internal Tremors?

Why Do I Get Body Buzzing And/Or Internal Tremors?

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Do you get the odd sensation of body buzzing like your body is moving when you are completely still?

The feeling could be when laying down at the end of the day, but it feels like something is either buzzing next to you or inside of you.

These are what I call Internal Tremors or Body Buzzing.

This is not primarily anxiety based, although the unknown cause of this odd phenomenon can trigger anxious feelings. 


  1. Basics And What Is Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors?

  2. Why Does Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors Happen?

  3. My Experience With Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors

  4. What To Do About Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors

Basics And What Is Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors?

Body Buzzing, aka Internal Tremors, can be described as unusual sensations such as:

  • Crawling under the skin (with or without withdrawal)

  • Head buzzing (with or without anxiety)

  • Muscle spasms (with or without spasms, which are unrelated to fasciculations)

Basically, the main mechanisms of these non-psychosomatic tremors may derive from oxidative stress to focal areas (ie nerve, brain region, etc) and lack of blood flow.

Why Does Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors Happen?

Adrenergic, Oxidative Stress And Psychosomatic Reasons

There are multiple types of stressors that can trigger adrenergic/non-adrenergic responses such as:

Counteract this by:

Blood Flow And Lack Of Movement


Lack of movement and bad posture may contribute to the feeling of buzzing. R

For example, sitting for too long can make blood flow sluggish (not reaching all capillaries/muscles more common in those with low blood pressure). R

When laying down after sitting down allows blood to flow more freely, thus causing a internal tingling. R

Counteract this by:


Hypoglycemia, also called low blood glucose or low blood sugar, occurs when the level of glucose in your blood drops below normal which can cause any of these symptoms (partial list): R

  • Blurred vision

  • Confused or disoriented

  • Convulsions/jerky movements

  • Dizzy or lightheaded

  • Fast or irregular heart beat

  • Headachy

  • Irritable or nervous

  • Pale

  • Shaky or jittery

  • Sleepy or tired

  • Sweaty

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Uncoordinated

  • Weak

Counteract this by:


Byproducts of multiple types of infections (via bioaccumulation) may present as body buzzing from degeneration of nerves or excitotoxicity (ie loss in inhibitory neurotransmission via Glutamate/GABA or DA loss). R

For example, in Borrelia induced Lyme Disease can induce inflammation by residing in the dorsal root ganglia. R

In mold induced infections, mycotoxins are able to induce tremors among other neurological symptoms. R R 

Counteract this by:

Brain Lesions

Focal lesions in the brain may cause internal tremors/body buzzing as well (genetic, environmental, autoimmune, etc). R R

For example, in Parkinson's Disease (PD), loss of dopaminergic functioning in the midbrain can cause similar tremors. R

In Multiple Sclerosis (MS), lesions  in the cerebello-thalamic pathway may contribute to tremors. R

These are just two examples and other focal inflammation (e.g. thalamaus) in the brain may also cause this problem. R

Counteract this by:

  • TGF-b1 levels + MitoQ/Glutathione if high to counteract ROS via NOX/SMAD, may also try BH4 for ↑ DA and ↓ ROS R

  • SPECT and/Or Neuroquant Scan

My Experience With Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors

I first experienced this living in college dorms, thinking that my room/bed was next to an AC unit or generator (thought it was EMF related) or that it had been micro earthquakes (living in Los Angeles).

Instead after doing more research, I have inflammation in my thalamus which can contribute to body buzzing. R

I've noticed acting on ghrelin receptors with fasting, chewing, ibutamoren (MK-677), and THC are some of the strongest ways I've reduced my internal tremors.

After eating my sensitivity to body buzzing can increase so I will take BH4 (if morning), chocolate, a green juice, or Neo40 (increases BH4).

Haptens also increase my sensitivity to buzzing, so I try to stay in a clean environment. 

I make sure to walk often and get as much sun/infrared as possible as well.

Extremely low doses of THC (in coconut oil), ibutamoren, and gum have been amazing for me. 

What To Do About Body Buzzing/Internal Tremors





  • Beta-Adrenergic Blockers (w B2 affinity) R

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)

  • Low dose THC and/or CBD (1:1 ratio)


  • Alpha-2 Delta Antagonism R

  • GABA Agonists R

  • Ghrelin (via GHS-R1?) R R R