How to Make Super Coffee (Increase Your Mental Performance)

Increase Mental Performance with Super Coffee




This is something I drink once in a while as a nootropic (mostly with decaf, although a caffeinated version can be even more potent to someone sensitive to caffeine).

I will be quick and get to the point.

If you want to learn the how and why to make super coffee, read past this section.

This is what you'll need for the super-refined version:

If you drink coffee, I recommend drinking on an empty stomach (like right when you wake up). 

Coffee may possibly encourage the stomach to release its contents into the small intestine before complete digestion has occurred, but it is disputed. R

How To Do It


Mold - Bulletproof coffee's whole thing is "mycotoxin-free" coffee. But is mold really giving you health issues?

  • Some molds can grow in coffee. R
  • But mold is successfully removed by wet processing and bean roasting. R R
  • Decaf coffee tends to be higher in mycotoxins, since caffeine inhibits the growth of the molds. R
  • Also Instant coffee also contains higher levels than ground coffee. R
  • They are still insignificant levels. 

Bitterness - I believe it is the tannins in it, which makes coffee bitter. R

  • Roasted coffee has over 800 aromatic compounds, 20 of which have a large impact on the desirable aroma of coffee. R
  • This technique will lessen the coffee (less tannins):
    1. Fresh coffee - stale coffee will be more bitter
    2. Darker roast - medium-dark for less acidity
    3. Aged coffee - deliberately aged green bean coffee to reduce acidity.
    4. Aeropress (or something similar) - running the brewing process longer than 20-25 seconds will expose the brew to the bitterness of the Tannic acid being extracted into the cup

I've also found Chameleon Coffee doesn't upset my stomach, compared to other coffees. R



Adding theanine to coffee increases your attention-based performance. R

You can read about all the benefits of theanine here. 


A high taurine:caffeine ratio promotes sleep, while a low ratio of taurine:caffeine inhibits sleep to a greater extent than the equivalent amount of caffeine alone. R

A small amount of taurine makes caffeine (even decaf coffees) more effective as a stimulant.



If you are lactose intolerant, ghee is a good option. If you are allergic to dairy, leave this part out.

Ghee is high in fat. Coffee forces the gallbladder to contract, promoting the breakdown of ghee. R

Ghee has butyrate in it, which is a great source of energy and HDAC inhibitor. R  

HDAC inhibitors help with cancer and fear extinctionR 

Ghee is also anti-inflammatory and tastes great! R

Almond Milk

This is for flavor. I prefer vanilla. Get unsweetened for the MCT oil and Ghee to be more effective.



MCT oil helps produce ketones in the liver. R

Ketones are also HDAC inhibitorsR 

Ketones also are beneficial for brain homeostasis and energy. R R

I use Caprylic Acid, but you can also use coconut oil or MCT oil.

Lion's Mane


In my opinion, this version of lion's mane tastes like chocolate.

It also increases nerve growth factor (NGF). R

You can read all about the benefits of Lion's Mane here.



Coffee can increase and recycle cortisol in the body. R

Curcumin inhibits excess cortisol. R

If you take curcumin for neuroinflammation, you need to take Longvida Curcumin

Curcumin can be deactivated by an enzymatic process in the liver called glucuronidation. R

Caffeine increases the activity of the enzymes that facilitate glucuronidation. R

If you drink coffee within 2 or 3 hours of taking curcumin, you get less benefit.

Longvida bypasses the glucuronidation process in the liver.


D-Ribose is a 5-carbon sugar that has been shown to improve energy levels in those with CFS or fibromyalgia. R

This is optional, but if you want a sweeter coffee, you can add D-Ribose

Himalayan Sea Salt

Caffeine is a diuretic. R

Salt can help balance electrolytes from this fluid loss. R

Don't take too much since coffee and salt can raise blood pressure. R R

Also, drink water.

Alternate Coffee Recipes

Work your way up to some of these as they can (temporarily) raise your blood pressure. I recommend getting a cuff and testing your blood pressure as your try these recipes and go here if you are experiencing high blood pressure.

Intermittent Fasting Coffee

This coffee blend doesn't break a fasting cycle.

Super Energy Boosting Coffee

This will give you amazing energy. Use curcumin 30 min before and extra theanine and glycine if you have anxiety.  

Neuroinflammation Coffee

I'll use this if I ate poorly the day before:

Pre-Workout Coffee

This is great as a preworkout blend.

Sweet Coffee

This will lower your glucose and raise insulin. Do not take if you are hypoglycemic. R

I'll be adding other recipes as I experiment with more.



Don't smoke cigarettes while drinking this. It may cause low grade endotoxemia. R

Don't drink this if you have histamine intolerance, since coffee slows down the breakdown of histamine. R

Most of these recipes will make you go and could give you diarrhea. Build your way up to tolerance. It may even be useful if your are tended towards constipation.

Also, this coffee isn't for intermittent fasting. While doing IF, you only want coffee and theanine

Things I've Tried With Horrible Results

Don't add any of these to your coffee:

More Research

  • Coffee drinkers have lower risk of death. R