The Reason Why Tony Robbins Has SO MUCH ENERGY

Tony Robbins is a great guy. Hell, he's "OUTSTANDING". He's changed millions of people's lives and he changed mine. Using his confidence, he has been able to influence so many people. 


I attended his Unleash the Power Within seminar in Los Angeles, CA (October 2015), then his Date with Destiny seminar in Boca Raton, FL (December 2015), and then another UPW in Palm Beach (March 2016). That was before I knew you could volunteer, so I was able to participate in building a massive fire for people to walk on during the UPW in Dallas, TX (July 2016). 


During these seminars, there is massive amounts of energy. When I say massive, I really mean MASSIVE. UPW is 3.5 days from 8am to ~1-2am. And you are there the whole time with very little breaks. DWD is 6 days from 8am to 3am. During both you are screaming your face off, dancing, learning, and having a great time. 

Growth Hormone

So how is Tony able to stay energized and keep everyone dancing, jumping and moving on such little sleep without breaks?

Well, at age 31, he developed a tumor on his pituitary gland, which deflated after some time. R Your pituitary gland is known for secreting all types of hormones. One of the hormones that it secretes is only secreted after a workout and while you sleep. R

I am talking about growth hormone. 


Tony said on Dr. Oz that he is constantly secreting little bits of growth hormone, from the deflated tumor. R

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. R

Growth hormone is necessary for growth. R That is why Tony is 6'7". R

Growth hormone is necessary for recovery. R That is why Tony needs very LITTLE time to recover and can maintain his MASSIVE amounts of energy

There is possibly a price to having growth hormone in your body at all times.

Studies have linked excess growth hormone to decreased longevity and increased aging. R

Lectin Avoidance

Tony also follows a lectin-free diet.

I know he advocates in his seminars as going essentially vegan and eating "highly alkaline". 

Unfortunately, this isn't what he truely follows anymore since he has had problems with high inflammatory markers in his blood (ie HbA1C and CRP). 

Tony now follow's Dr. Steven Gundry's advice and follows a low lectin diet (similar to the diet I follow). R

The low amount of inflammatory proteins (aka lectins) allow the body to better adapt to stress and maintian higher levels of energy! R


I hope this post added value to you in some way, as I believe it is paramount to be as educated as possible. Tony Robbins was the driving factor in influencing me in reading a book a week. You can check out the collection here.

That's it for this post and stay beautiful!