2 Powerful Ways to Use Your Hair As A Nootropic

Why I Look Like A Hobo (My Hairstyle)


Have you seen my hairstyle recently? 

Why would I like to look like a hobo?

As you can see in the picture above, I shave the sides and back of my head and keep the top long, putting it into a man-bun.


  1. Unique Style
  2. Infrared And Lasering My Head
  3. Hair-Pulling And Cerebral Pressure

Unique Style

Hey, I think I have a unique looking style – at least my reasons are unique.

It looks even cooler with my beard fully grown out .πŸ˜’

I admit it...I look like a homeless, lumberjack hippie

Us lumberjack hippies do this because we are actually SUPER smart and are always living for the next biohack. πŸ˜‚

So in this post, I'll describe a very simple natural nootropic that takes no effort.  

1. Infrared And Lasering My Head




By having less hair, more infrared can get through and into my brain.

Getting infrared in the brain causes the mitochondria in brain cells to work harder and better. R

It also helps neurons secrete neurotrophic factors such as BDNFR 

I like to get multiple forms of infrared on my head:

While driving, I like to use infrared from the sun to hit the sides of my head with the sunroof open.

While working outside, the sun can hit the back of my head.

2. Hair-Pulling And Cerebral Pressure

Putting the hair up and pulling it around has significant beneficial biological effects.

Pulling on the hair in a parallel movement to the cranial fascia changes intracranial pressure and helps with cerebral blood flow. 

Read more on the benefits of hair pulling and ways to do it here.