Hair Pulling: Improve Focus and Brain Fog With One Simple Trick

How Scalp Pulling Is A Nootropic

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This is another random way I've noticed to increase my cognitive performance and focus.


  1. What Am I Talking About?
  2. How To Do It
  3. The Results From Hair-Pulling
  4. Mechanism Of Action

What Am I Talking About?

I originally grew out my hair because I like the surfer-look style.

I wanted to continue Lasering My Head, so every few weeks I would shave the sides and back of my head.

During this time I would put my head in a man bun when working.

I noticed that I would work better and more efficiently when I had a man bun.

I’ve tried this on multiple occasions and the results seem to be the same for me.

How To Do It


You need longer hair to do this, so it’s probably something girls may already know.

Simply, put your hair in a (man) bun or pull it back with a Hair Tie.

I notice better effects of this with the Sides of My Head Shaved (personal experience).

If you want to do it to someone else, you may want to follow this:


The Results From Hair-Pulling

I notice when I do this, I get a significant reduction in brain fog and increased concentration/focus.

Mechanism Of Action

Pulling the hair changes the pressure of the fascia, thus helping with cerebral blood flow.

If done properly (parallel with fascia alignment), it can also manipulate the cranial sutures, thus helping with cerebrospinal intracranial pressure.